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1.                 1991   Printing of Resala Shah Abdul Latif Urdu Translation by Shaikh Ayaz.

2.                 1992   Submitted a proposal of Sindhi Dictionaries Board of Govt. of Pakistan through Mr. Illahi Baksh Soomro Federal Minister for Science & Technology.

3.                 1992   Started a scheme of Sindhi translation of English Books regarding Sindh studies, Shah Latif and other related subjects.

4.                 1993   Submitted a physibility of Sindhi Electronic typewriter in Sindhi Language Authority.

5.                 1994   Submitted a scheme of original sindhi Based System for IBM Computer in Sindhi Language Authority.

6.                 1994   Submitted a proposal to Sindh Govt. to establish Library foundation for promotion & organizing of libraries of Educational & Local Government Libraries.

7.                 1996   Submitted a scheme to Govt. of Sindh for publishing junior knowledge Encyclopedia to accomplish the requirement of student for competitive Examinations.

8.                 1998   Launched of Quarterly “Sindh Forum” magazine endevour to ideological enlightment for intellect persons.

9.                 1996   Started a compian of publishing of Sindhi translation of Quraan Majeed to counter the ignorance and rubbed tradition of Sindhi Society.

10.             1998   Established Editorial Board of eminent persons of Sindhi Language to translate and compilation of English to Sindhi Dictionaries an internations Webster based formate and preparation of urdu to Sindhi and Sindhi to Sindhi languages. They completed their task in 2003 with prepartion of 6 Dictionaries.

11.             1999   Started Sindhi Translation & Compilation of World History in Sindhi language under supervision Chairman Sindhica Academy, and translated  first world History Book in Sindhi Language “Quoman Jee Aalmi Tareekh” by Muhammad Bukhsh Soomro and Published same in 2003 by Sindhica Academy.

12.             2002   Started an effective Book scheme of English Learning courses, Grammar Books, Dictionaries, Thesaurus and other capability making books.

13.             2007   Completed publishing of 250 noble books for development of sindhi language literature desciphies of knowledge & enlightment.


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